A commitment to the community

Fundraisers for Community Organization

We love to support community groups and agencies by helping non-profit organizations conduct fundraisers at the store. The owners of Capitol Kids choose which local organizations will be involved. Our priorities are: early childhood education, public schools, healthy child development and strong families. We also sponsor programs that prevent poverty and hunger. Service groups that support these efforts are also eligible to apply. A one-page application is necessary for consideration.

Donations to Community Groups and Early Childhood Programs

We consider requests for donations throughout the year. Hundreds of groups ask for donations and we are not able to grant every request. We often donate goods or gift certificates for silent auctions and other fundraisers.  We do not give cash donations. We are not able to provide donations for religious groups, private elementary schools or individuals. We are happy to do what we can to support local groups that meet our criteria. We ask those receiving our help not to spend their time writing thank you notes. We are happy to get thanks via Facebook or other social media venues including on-line reviews. For more information, call Peg at 608-280-0744.

Helping our neighbors

Proceeds from our “tip jar” for complementary gift wrapping are used to buy gifts for families with limited resources. Each year more than $1,000. is donated to help out our neighbors.

We’re proud partners of Dane Buy LocalDane Buy Local

“Part of the joy of owning a store is participating in the community – providing special services, welcoming visitors, getting to know our customers and helping to raise funds for community organizations. These are all things that happen best in a locally owned shop.”

To learn more, visit www.danebuylocal.com.

To Support Local Businesses:

  • Bank and invest locally
  • Shop locally-owned businesses
  • Patronize member businesses displaying the DCBLI logo
  • Buy locally produced goods and services